Sabbat “Sabbatical Maniacs Singapura”

Sabbatical EarlyearslaughT-Shirt series returns with a KILLER exclusive design by the mastermind behind Obsessed by Cruelty Merch Sweden. OBC is known for perfectly capturing the spirit of 80’s merch with iconic, bold images. This Venom-ish design will be printed with discharge/aqueous ink on Gildan brand black TS.

Exclusive to this store only for Sabbat Singapura Maniacs!!!
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Exhume the EXHUMATION!

As an exclusivity to the store, we have 5 signed
Exhumation - Hymn to Your God CDs for purchase.
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Raising from the tombs of Singapura.. The birth ov Noxious Creations!!!

All correspondences to be revert via:

Past,Prezent and Future!

Noxious Creations is not only small distro but also we offer for artistes’,labels,individuals and etc for graphical designs!Such as flyers,posters,shirts,cd layout and etc.Do contact us for more information!We are looking for more projects or collaborations in future!

All correspondences to be directed at : noxiouscreations (at) gmail dot com


… As they ride on visual aggression!!!

Speed Metal Hell!!!

For some strange reason, Norway has become a haven for new, oldschool speed / thrash metal. And we’re not talking polished modern “retro thrash” here; bands like Nekromantheon, Condor, Deathhammer, Inculter and so on sound like they actually existed during the early to mid-eighties, yet in a parallel dimension that was not accessible until recently. They live, breathe and exude filthy, authentic, hellblazing THRASH like there was no tomorrow, and each with a strong identity of their own. The latest addition to this havoc wreaking crew are TÖXIK DEATH, who with their fullength debut Speed Metal Hell frankly eat polished modern “retro thrash” posers for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not before running them over, thrashing the shit out of them and pissing on their corpses of course. There’s something inherently malignant about this west Norwegian fivepiece, as if the record’s about to spin out of control, fling itself off your turntable and slash your throat. Taking their influences from the early to mid eighties speed and thrash metal of Germany and South America in particular and adding a very potent mix of something very foul, nasty and completely their own, Töxik Death ups the ante on how vital and authentic oldschool thrash can be in an age where plastic, pitch perfect and piss poor seems to be the order of the day. Never mind what year it is - Speed Metal Hell awaits!

Sound sample:

$18SGD / $18USD (Postage Included)

Kolbotn Thrashers!!!

Kolbotn, a small, quiet place on the outskirts of Oslo (N), has for years been synonymous with quality metal; Darkthrone, Aura Noir, Lamented Souls, Obliteration, Nekromantheon etc. all have roots there. The latest addition to this highly potent list is Condor. After their very promising debut EP Speedwagon, which was released on ltd. vinyl through Fenriz’ Album Of The Month imprint, their self-titled debut album is finally ready. A 30-minute riff-fest of thrashing oldschool mania, with a highly organic in-your-face sound, Condor is a fresh break from all the copy-paste Cubase metal out there. Like their very namesake plucking a carrion clean, Condor strip away all unnecessary frills, going straight for the jugular with their no-bullshit real metal.

Sound sample:

$18SGD / $18USD (Postage Included)


Recently released by IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS on limited-run cassette, INVICTUS PRODUCTIONS never stops the madness with a wider CD version of POSSESSION’s debut demo, His Best Deceit, set for international release on November 15th. Formed in late 2012 with the aim of keeping the flame of the ancient black arts burning, POSSESSION proceeded to record their first demo in August 2013 at Blackout Multimedia Studio in Brussels with Phorgath of Enthroned. What results is an absolutely overwhelming display of ancient blackthrashing mania – complete and total ULTRAVIOLENCE and DEMONIC FORCE, well versed in the unbending ways of the Old Gods but shot through with a hideousness and teeth-gnashing gnarliness that simply cannot be denied. Indeed, to succumb to this assault is His Best Deceit…

Track Preview:

$12SGD / $12USD (Postage Included)

CD edition of the debut Malthusian release that has taken the underground by storm. Hallucinogenic death metal filth.

Track Preview:

$12SGD / $12USD (Postage Included)


DIY style Death Metal compilation, The IVth Crusade is a rotten 4th Metal On Metal comp. from Finland. Released as a 2-CD format. $20SGD/$18USD (Postage Included)

Track List:
1. Hooded Menace – Theme from Tenebre* 3:58 
2. Skullfuck – Cut the Flesh* 3:14 
3. Desecresy – Engraved in Flesh* 3:12 
4. Gorephilia – Gods Stand Aghast* 5:54 
5. Cadaveric Incubator – Coffin Defiler* 4:10 
6. Cannibal Accident – From Cunt to a Grave 1:44 
7. Cannibal Accident – Live on Liver (Die on Diet)* 2:12 
8. Maveth – Dragon of the Continuum 6:32 
9. Ominous – Unleash the Beast Within 3:19 
10. Vorum – Death’s Stains 2:51 
11. Lie In Ruins – Venomous Tongues (Demo Version)** 4:56 
12. Necromonastery – Enter the Necromonastery / Into Sempiternal Perdition* 3:28 
13. Coprofagi – Pedoshredder** 4:35 
14. Axeslaughter – Cemetery of Blinding Lights* 4:35 
15. Maggots in Your Coffin – Slaves to Darkness* 1:04 
16. Serpent Ascending – Human Ladders* 3:30 
17. Obscure Burial – Daemonic Incantation* 3:31 
18. Sadokist – Ultimate Death** 3:29 
19. Anal Blasphemy – In the Temple of Unlife* 6:18 
20. Archgoat – Lord of the Void (Live)*** 5:16 

1. Ghastly – River of Smoke* 2:47 
2. Convulse – Oceans of Dust (Suicide Mix)* 5:16 
3. Decaying – The Detachment* 5:42 
4. Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä – Saatanallinen Teurastus* 3:43 
5. Avoimen Haudan Löyhkä – Rituaalimurha* 4:13 
6. Stench of Decay – Invocation and Evocation* 4:07 
7. Stench of Decay – Kadonneet Jumalat (Rippikoulu Cover)* 5:32 
8. Necrolepsy – Flesh Ripper* 2:10 
9. Necrolepsy – Babyeater* 1:12 
10. Krypts – Kuolevan Rukous* 6:16 
11. Cryptborn – Born from the Grave 5:32 
12. Skullfuck – Black Blood* 2:32 
13. Torture Killer – Written in Blood (Live)*** 4:10 
14. Corpsessed – Sovereign (Live)*** 5:38 
15. Swallowed – Horrifying Visions (Live)*** 4:26 
16. Coprofagi – The Law Is a Fraud** 3:26 
17. Solothus – Plaguewing 7:15 
18. Decaying – Conditions Futile* 3:40 

* = Previously Unreleased
** = demo/EP Track
*** = Previously Unreleased Live Track

Visual Aggression!

We offer visual needs like album layouts, tee designs, posters etc. Drop us a mail & we’ll get back to you … As they ride on visual aggression!!!

Slaves of Pain

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